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Regular Creeder Readers will recall that I supported Mitt Romney during the 2008 GOP presidential primaries. I even did some work for the Romney campaign. My heart warms a bit when I see stories like this:

"The buzz surrounding Mitt Romney, a Michigan son and former Massachusetts governor, is all about the Republican presidential ticket and whether he lands on it as the party's vice presidential candidate.

"Bloggers and political pundits have been speculating for weeks that Romney is at the top of a short list of Republicans who can give presumptive Republican nominee John McCain what he needs to win the White House: business, organizational and government experience -- as well as deep roots in Michigan, a state with 17 electoral votes that is shaping up as a key battleground in 2008."

As much as I admire Mitt, I just don't think he should be John McCain's VP pick. McCain doesn't need a "favorite son" to win the state of Michigan; he just needs run ad after ad in which he hammers Democratic Governor Granholm, and her allies in the Democrat-led legislature, for knocking her state's economic dick soundly in the dirt (pardon mon français).

If I had to put money on it today, I'd bet that B. Hussein Obama will pick Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano to be his running mate. Picking her will not only bring Hillary Rodham (Clinton)'s supporters fully into the fold, it will put John McCain's home state into electoral college-play. I don't think it's possible for McCain to lose his home state à la Al "Big Daddy" Gore in 2000; however, an Obama-Napolitano ticket could force McCain to spend money in his home state when he will definitely need that money in swing-states like Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, etc.

I don't want McCain to play the diversity card. But if he picks a white guy who's only a few years his junior, well, his campaign will be virtually ignored by the mainstream media -- which will do its level-best to protect an Obama-female/minority ticket, even if said ticket were to give an uplifting speech before a gathering of the Communist Party-USA.

I've already given my endorsement to Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal for our nation's next Vice President. I did so not because of the color of his skin (he's the son of Indian immigrants), but because he is the most Reagan-like governor serving in America as we speak. So there.

Here's my 2-9 list of the folks I think John McCain should choose as VP:

2. Rep. Mike Pence (IN)
3. Gov. Jim DeMint (SC)
4. Gov. Sarah Palin (Alaska)
5. Former-Rep. J.C. Watts (OK)
6. Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN)
7. Sen. Tom Coburn (OK)
8. Rep. Steve Chabot (OH)
9. Rep. Steve King (IA)
10. Sen. James Inhofe (OK)

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