Thursday, July 03, 2008


White on white abuse is just t'rible

One of these days, and it ain't gonna be too far in the future, political correctness and über-fidelity to multiculturalism is going to be the death of Western Europe. Stories like this provide proof for my theory:

"A white man has been prosecuted for racially abusing three white security guards.

"Jonathan Wicks was taken to court for calling the men 'honky wannabe cops.'

"Wicks, 20, has had to attend court at least five times, at an estimated cost to the taxpayer of more than £5,000."

The obvious question is this: How is it possible to "racially abuse" a member of your own race? If I'm a five-footer and I call another five-footer "shorty," can I be tarteted for height-abuse? Or, if I have a huge schnoz and I call someone with an equally large proboscis, am I engaging in nose-abuse? If I'm in Britain, I could and I am.

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