Saturday, August 16, 2008


Bad news for B. Hussein

A Gallup daily tracking poll released yesterday showed B. Hussein Obama and John McCain tied at 44 percent.

This is bad news for Obama. Considering that the American electorate is in a sour mood these days ('cause of high gas and food prices, and low home prices, among other things) -- and considering that the mainstream media has done its level best to portray Obama as a messiah, er, president-in-waiting -- Obama should be at least 10 points ahead of McCain at this point in the campaign.

From Gallup:

"McCain has so far been unable to grab the lead from Obama in national polls but he’s held the Illinois senator to a narrow advantage. Gallup showed Obama’s lead toggling between 2 and 6 points in the first half of August.

"McCain is in the middle of an aggressive ad blitz, and has been hammering the theme that Obama is an aloof celebrity in an attempt to gain traction with voters. ...

"McCain was holding his final all-hands-on-deck strategy meeting with senior staff Friday before the announcement of his running mate and the GOP national convention."

Obama is sure to get a post-convention bounce in the polls when the Democrats leave Denver. If John McCain were smart, he'd announce his choice for VP - and maybe his pledge to serve only one term ("I'm going to fix the mess in Washington and then retire to Arizona") - smack in the middle of the Democratic National Convention. Even if such an announcement failed to put weights on Obama's "bounce," it would go a long way toward pissing on the Democrats' parade ... which is always a good thing.

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