Thursday, August 07, 2008


Happy Birthday to me!

This blog is celebrating its second birthday this week. Please to enjoy the very first posts ever, well, posted here at The Night Seen Creeder. I'm still pretty proud of both of 'em. To wit:

A lard-ass exits

Former NBA star Charles Barkley is abandoning the Republican Party. As a dues-paying, card-carrying member of the GOP, I can only say this: Don't let the door hit you in your very ample ass, Mr. Barkley.

It seems Charles "I Just Love a Buffet" Barkley wants to be governor of Alabama. He's been prattling about running for governor of Alabama since he first began dashing - albeit very slowly - up and down various NBA b-ball courts some two decades ago. 'Round 1995 or so, Barkley said he was considering running in 1998 as a Republican, but the Barkley for Gov'nor campaign never materialized.

Now Barkley's joinin' up with the Democratic Party. (We Republicans, you see, have apparently "lost [our] minds.") And he's once again floating the Barkley for Gov'nor (2010) trial balloon. Alabama Dems have said nary a word 'bout the Rotund One's future gubernatorial campaign, but they're welcoming him into the party with open arms: "[We]welcome Charles Barkley," said Alabama Democratic Party chairman Joe Turnham.

Charles Barkley joins a long list of celebrities who've deluded themselves into thinking that living rich and smiling for a paparazzo's camera makes them experts on public policy. (Tennessee resident Tim McGraw, another proud member of the Democratic Party, recently stated that he'd make a fine governor of Tennessee 'cause he could "make some decisions and change some things." Yes, Sir Plugs-A-Lot actually uncorked that bit of inanity.) Mr. Barkley's hubris, however, is not his most objectionable character trait ... oh, no. Indeed, Mr. Barkley's propensity to dispense diarrhea-of-the-mouth inanities will soon be the bane of Democrats in the state of Alabama and beyond.

Now, I've not a single iron in the fire of Alabama politics, but I'd like to say this to one Joe Turnham:

Carefully consider those whom you "welcome," sir. You may very well regret your welcoming, er, welcome.

... And a lard-ass returns

For the next three months, folks in and around Nashville can look forward to seeing the visage of Bob Rochelle on their TV screens as the former state senator seeks to return to Tennessee's upper legislative chamber. I - lucky me - spied my first Rochelle for Senate TV spot just hours before he was declared the winner in the District 17 Democratic primary. After cogitating a bit on the political ad in question, I simply must say this:

Bob Rochelle has a set of brass you-know-whats the size of basketballs.

I'm not bothered by Bob Rochelle's on-air by-the-book Democratic nitwittery, i.e., he's gonna "protect" these while "fighting for" those, etc. No, what irks me is the fact that Rochelle's campaigning as if he were still in office ... and he wants us all to forget that he dropped his 2002 re-election bid when it became clear that his big ass was going to be defeated.

Sen. Bob Rochelle was Waterboy Number One for the state income tax proposed by Gov. Don Sundquist during Tennessee's 2001-02 budget battle. When it became clear that he was going to lose his legislative seat due to his staunch support for said income tax, Rochelle quickly scuttled his re-election bid 'cause he and his had been subjected to innumerable death threats.

Of course, no credible evidence was unearthed to verify that Bob Rochelle had indeed been the subject of death threats; and to this day Big Bob's yet to acknowledge that he did in fact pussy-out of the 2002 campaign. Now he thinks he deserves his old job back. Puh-leez.

As far as Tennessee's current state of political affairs is concerned, Bob Rochelle is a dinosaur (and for once I'm not alluding to his ample girth). Rochelle is a tax and spend liberal who continues to hope and pray that his leftist/statist views will be muted when he opens his "country-boy" pie-hole. No amount of baritone bombasity, however, can hide the fact that Bob Rochelle is a quitter, pure and simple. Instead of defending his actions and ideas in the political arena in 2002, he decided to tuck-tail and run.

Only in Tennessee could Democratic voters find it within themselves to vote for a quitter. Andrew Jackson is probably spinning in his grave.

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