Monday, August 04, 2008


One Dark Night, indeed!

My bud Bruce and I went to see the new Batman picture show tonight. What a brilliantly dark and violent crime tale 'tis The Dark Knight. And it ain't for kiddies, as Sam Thielman will tell you:

"I should note here that I have been a film reporter for years and have no idea why, beyond the power of the Warner Bros. empire, The Dark Knight is rated PG-13. This is an R-rated movie if I've ever seen oneā€”the violence isn't particularly bloody but it's disturbing. You may laugh at the occasional demented gag, but if you do, you'll feel ill.

"This is a kind of superhero movie we've never seen before ... everyone is just a hair crazier than usual."

Speaking of dark and crazy, this is what Bruce found under his SUV's driver-side windshield-wiper as we were preparing to leave the picture show theatre's parking lot this e'ning:

Truthfully, I think he and I would've been more comfortable knowing that a Joker-style crazy had placed hands on "our" vehicle ... as opposed to a Tom Cruise-style crazy Scientologist. There are a lot of crazy folks in this world, but them Xenu-worshipers are bat-sh** crazy, and then some.

When Bruce and I become manically depressed due to being sued by L. Ron Hubbard's estate - for dissing his fraudulent, hell-burning soul in a public forum - will the Church of Scientology make available their free-from-psychiatry services to him and me? I guess we'll see ...

P.S. I'm sure the Nashville Church of Scientology's Music Row address is no accident. If you'd like to exchange "who is, who ain't" guesses as to which Music Row sorts are members of the Cult, er, Church of Scientology, drop me an e-mail ...

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