Friday, August 08, 2008


Re: L'Affaire John Edwards

The fact that the mainstream media has a distinct liberal bias is not news -- at least not to conservatives. If anyone still has doubts, they should cogitate for a moment on L'Affaire John Edwards.

Last October, the National Enquirer reported that John Edwards -- former-U.S. Senator, former-Vice Presidential candidate, and then-candidate for President of the United States -- was having an affair behind his terminally cancer-stricken wife's back. Not only that, but the Enquirer also alleged that Edwards had fathered a child with his mistress.

Edwards denied the affair, of course, and then he continued his smug, self-righteous campaign for the nation's highest office. He even went so far as to say that the Enquirer's allegations were "tabloid trash."

Fast forward to today, 10 months after the National Enquirer's original story, and John Edwards admitted that he had a sexual relationship with a someone who worked on his presidential campaign. He denied being the father of his paramour's child, but he did not even attempt to explain why he visited her and her child at a ritzy Hollywood hotel just two weeks ago -- something only the National Enquirer dared report.

I say all this for one important reason: Rumors about John Edwards' girlfriend and his love child have been circulating for months. Yet, it took a gossipy tabloid to first break, and then print follow-up reports on, Edwards' misdeeds. If John Edwards were a Republican, would rumors of his sexual comings-and-goings (no pun intended) have gone unmentioned in the mainstream media? Of course not. And only an idiot would say otherwise.

In the past few years, the out-of-line sexual escapades of Republican Senators Larry Craig and David Vitter, and Rep. Mark Foley, received wall-to-wall coverage on cable news and top-fold coverage in most major newspapers literally hours after the allegations were, well, alleged.

So, why did it take 10 freakin' months for virtually every mainstream media outlet to report on the Edwards And His Love Child story?

Because, Virginia, there does exist in the media a liberal bias. That's why.

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