Friday, December 05, 2008


Can you say "Irony" ...?

The Mexican government basically shits itself each and every time an American lawmaker threatens to put the screws to folks who illegally cross the U.S.'s southern border. It ain't no secret why they do such: Mexican illegals in the United States remit millions and millions of dollars back to friends and families in their homeland. Indeed, remittances are Mexico's second-largest source of foreign currency after oil exports.

Mexico don't do **** to keep its nationals from crashing America's southern border. Mexico does do something, however, when foreign nationals crash its border(s), like sending 'em back to the place from which they came. To wit:

Mexico sent home the first group of illegal Cuban migrants under a new accord aimed at cutting off an increasingly violent human-trafficking route to the United States, the government said Thursday.

The 41 migrants left the resort city of Cancun aboard a Mexican navy ship taking them back to Cuba, a statement from the navy and the Interior Department said.

Before Mexico signed the agreement with Cuba in October, authorities rarely sent migrants back to the communist island.

Until now, Cubans were detained briefly in Mexico, then given 10- to 30-day exit orders. That allowed them to continue on to Texas, where all that is required of Cuban migrants are identity documents and medical and background checks before they are welcomed to America.

As it became harder to dodge U.S. Coast Guard vessels and reach Florida by sea to qualify for U.S. residency, Cuban migrants in recent years have increasingly chosen Mexico — often heading to the coast near Cancun — as their route to the United States.

But Mexico has become frustrated with the migrations as violent traffickers increasingly got involved in moving them across the country. Several Cuban-Americans believed to be involved in smuggling have been killed in recent years in or around Cancun, about 120 miles (195 kilometers) southwest of Cuba.

In June, gunmen snatched 33 Cubans off a government bus headed to an immigration station in southern Mexico, possibly to extort money from them or their smugglers. Many of those migrants later turned up in the U.S.

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