Monday, December 01, 2008


"Do Unto Obama ..."

I just now discovered the American Sentinel Web site. I have to say ... I like the way those guys think. To wit:

Bush hatred didn’t take very long to manifest itself. People went nuts screaming that Bush stole the election in an assault against democracy. It didn’t matter that the Palm Beach, Florida debacle occurred in a Democratic County under Democratic leadership, or that the same flawed ballot design had cost Republican Bob Dole 14,000 votes only four years earlier. No, it was because Bush was the devil. The outgoing Clinton administration trashed the White House to set the official Democratic tone regarding the incoming Bush administration.

Now, I’m not saying that Republican parents should indoctrinate their children at home to despise and hate Barack Obama (presumably, the public schools will continue to teach children to hate Republicans). Nor am I suggesting that the Bush administration demonstrate its loathing of the incoming Obama administration like the Clinton administration did.

But I AM saying that Republicans should realize that Democrats have set the bar for political discourse, and we would have to be world class limbo dancers in order to set the bar any lower than Democrats did in demonizing President Bush.

Democrats have been utterly vicious rabid political monsters for years. They destroyed Robert Bork in a campaign of unwarranted personal demonization to begin the war of the politics of personal destruction. And when Clarence Thomas’ appointment came up, they said, "We’re going to bork him. We’re going to kill him politically. . . . This little creep, where did he come from?" The Republican response to this shocking viciousness on the part of Democrats and liberals was to confirm the incredibly liberal (the General Counsel of the ACLU!) Clinton appointee Ruth Bader Ginsburg, citing that, whatever her perspective, she was qualified. Trusting a Democrat to return professional courtesy is like trusting a frothing-at-the-mouth rabid dog not to bite you. It just won’t happen. Quit hoping it will, and get with the program.

Barack Hussein Obama and his Democratic lackeys get to wear the bullseyes on their foreheads for the duration of the next election cycle. It is ALL on them now, and every single failure - and every single event that can be spun into the appearance of a failure - are ALL on them now. Does Obama lead us into a war for ANY reason? He’s a murdering warmonger. Doctor pictures of him with the blood of his victims and fangs like the ugly and evil monster he is! Does Obama NOT lead us into war for any reason? He’s an appeasing weakling who doesn’t have the will to protect us from tyrants. Will we see any kind of terrible national disaster? Then it’s "Obama drinks blood from human skulls!" Does the economy do anything other than spiral ever upward and upward? It’s a "failed Obama presidency" and “failed Democratic policies.” And - given the fact that yesterday marked the "biggest loss ever on the day after a presidential election," well, Obama is already "a failed President" faster than anyone’s ever been a failed President.

Don’t let a bunch of appallingly blatant hypocrites try to tell you that you owe Obama one more iota of respect than they gave to Bush. After what they’ve done, they don’t deserve to talk about graciousness, respect, what’s best for the country, or any of their other smarmy self-serving rhetoric.

It’s time to start burning down their houses and salting their fields. The Democrats have demonstrated the pathway to political success the past six years; let us follow the ashes to learn the example of the trail the Democrats blazed.

My contribution to the field-salting will begin with some anti-Obama bumper stickers that, hopefully, will be available here at The Nigh Seen Creeder in about two weeks. Stay tuned ...

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