Monday, December 08, 2008


Good news from the North Star State (l'étoile du nord)

From Hot Air:

It’s increasingly clear that [Al] Franken won’t win the [Minnesota U.S. Senate] recount. Now, without the possibility of reaching 60 Democratic seats in the Senate, Harry Reid won’t have much motivation to make war in the Senate next year in an attempt to seat Franken.

This may be headed for court, but it’s no longer likely that Franken will find a judge willing to overturn an election for him.

The U.S. Senate already features a socialist clown (Bernie Sanders). It has a hormonally-imbalanced clown, too (Babs Boxer). There's a sombitchin' clown in there who needs to (a) have his red-faced blood pressure checked, and (b) needs to get his ass into an anger-management program (Jim Webb). And let's not even start talkin' 'bout Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin ... two clowns who'd knock down their mothers to get twenty seconds of face-time on CNN or NBC's Nightly News.

The last fuckin' thing America needs right now is Al-fuckin'-Franken in the U.S. Senate. Jesus, I can't believe I'm even using "Al Franken" and "U.S. Senate" in the same sentence. I mean, the Senate floor was once stomped by folks named Webster, Clay, and Taft ... and Al Franken (who's most famous for his coke-nose and a talk-into-a-mirror skit on Saturday Night Live) wants to stomp the same floor?

If a celebrity buffoon like Franken manages to win - nay, steal - a U.S. Senate seat, I fear it will only encourage other celebrity buffoons to attempt to emulate him. Indeed, it'll only be a matter of time before some C-list actor or actress like, say, Fran Drescher gets electoral fever.

Wait, what's that you say?!

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