Monday, January 05, 2009


Bill's not gonna do it ... (wouldn't be prudent)

Former U.S. Senator Bill Frist says he ain't gonna run for Guv in 2010. That clears the way -- clears the field -- for Harold Ford, Jr. and U.S. Rep. Lincoln Davis to become the biggest names of big-name Democrat candidates who'll maybe run for Tenn. Gov. in 2010.

Here's what I think:

Former U.S. Rep. Harold Ford, Jr., aka Junior, is making too much money in NYC to come back to Tennessee and have to deal with TennCare, Department of Safety scandals, a Republican General Assembly, etc.

U.S. Rep. Lincoln Davis is an idiot. Indeed, I'll bet he could'nt define "marginal tax rate" if a gun was suddenly pressed to his head and he had to define such to live. Davis is a fat version of Gomer Pyle, and tain't a bucket of any size that would fit RIGHT over his head. He ain't gonna never be Tennessee's governor. Bank it. (Apologies to George Plaster.)

So who's left for the Dems? Former State Rep. Kim McMillan? She's a flake with a circa 1955 hairdo. State Rep. Gary Odom? Capitol Hill girlfriend(s) ... 'nough said.

Watch what U.S. Rep. Zach Wamp and Tenn. Lieutenant Gov. Ron Ramsey do for the next, oh, six months. Either of those two guys will be Tennessee's next governor.

Again, bank it.

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