Saturday, January 17, 2009


How emasculating!

Last month, Ole Miss head basketball coach Andy Kennedy was sued by Cincinnati cab driver Mohamed Jiddou, who claims that Kennedy punched him outside a local bar. Jiddou also claims that Kennedy shouted several racial slurs during the punching.

Coach Kennedy denies that he punched Mr. Jiddou. He recently filed a defamation suit against Jiddou and a valet who supposedly witnessed the assault. (Kennedy was due in court yesterday for a preliminary hearing of the assault charge.) But that ain't the only counter-suit coming out of the Kennedy camp. Oh, no ...

Kennedy's wife, Kimber, is also suing Mr. Cabbie and Mr. Valet ... over the claim that her husband hasn't been able to do what husbands, ahem, do when the lights are out and the kids are asleep.

Damn! Why didn't Mrs. Kennedy also claim that her husband has taken to wearing lace panties and a "I ♥ Lifetime Movie Network" T-shirt? Talk about being completely emasculated, indeed!

I don't know a lot about Andy Kennedy, but every time I've seen him on TV he's struck me as high-strung and a bit of a jackass. I can sure see him taking a poke at a cabbie for no good reason. Indeed.

That said, I look for Mr. Kennedy to offer Mr. Jiddou a pile o' cash before any of the punchin' and/or sex stuff can reach a jury. Thus, we'll probably never, ever hear about Kennedy's inability to "shoot" or "drive the lane" or "put it up from 'down home'" and ... you get the b-ball sexual analogy drift.

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