Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I like it when I'm Right ...!

In response to the Creeder post in which I took our soon-to-be president to task for his proposed Keynesianism on steroids, I got an e-mail from a Mr. Stoneman (add enough @.coms and you'll find him) in which I was told that I'm a "Republican shill" who "doesn't know anything." Weeeeeell ...

In Tuesday's Wall Street Journal, George Melloan, a former WSJ deputy editor, said this 'bout what caused our nation's economic meltdown:

Last year's crash was caused primarily by the deflation of a real-estate bubble that those two government behemoths, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, had a large role in inflating.

And today, the Wall Street Journal has a story about Japan's current economic woes in which the author, John Murphy, says:

The infrastructure spending that other nations hope will be a silver bullet is a cautionary tale in a country dotted with big construction projects ... that never lived up to expectations of lifting the economy during the downturn of the 1990s.

In my Saturday post, I said the sins of Fannie Mae and Freddie, as well as other government entities are to blame for our economic ills; and I also stated that only a major boob would think that public works spending is the economic cure for what's ailing America, especially since Japan in the 1990s is Exhibit A that such hyper-Keynesian ain't gonna ****in' work.

Looks like I know a few things after all.

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