Tuesday, January 20, 2009


"Obama's on CBS"

Thanks to Creeder Reader Mr. Mordecai for sending us this Newsbusters story:

In a 7:43 AM commercial break during Monday’s CBS Early Show, the network aired a promo for a new episode of the show ‘Two And A Half Men,’ that used an Obama campaign slogan: "Can CBS show you the funny side of families?...Yes we can." The words appeared on screen in red, white, and blue, soon followed by a flash of the CBS logo in the same colors, looking very similar to Obama’s campaign logo.

Now take a look at these CBS screen captures:

If it was John McCain getting sworn into office today, do you really think CBS - or any network for that matter - would be running promos using his campaign colors and themes? If you do, I have a condo on a sandy beach in Kansas that I'll sell you dirt cheap.

If McCain'd been elected, jokes about his age, and his Vice President's supposed lack of intelligence, would've started the day after the election. The denizens of popular culture wouldn't be talking about "bridging divides" or encouraging folks to "come together." Oh, no. It'd be "President Old Coot" and "VP Caribou Barbie" -- or worse -- all day and all night.

You know it, too.

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