Friday, January 16, 2009


Poll dancin'

The Campaign for Working Families PAC relates some very interesting polling information, which I'm sure will get The Nigh Seen Creeder's nutbucket brigade's commentin' fingers a-flying 'cause, well, check it out ....

A Fox News poll conducted this week had some good news for Sarah Palin. Right before the election, as she was taking the brunt of the media’s criticism, Palin’s ratings were 45% positive and 49% negative. They now stand at 49% positive and 40% negative. That’s a 13-point swing in her favor. Among Republicans, Palin remains wildly popular, enjoying an 85% favorability rating, while nearly half of Independents view the Alaska governor positively.

Here are some other interesting results:

When asked if the media has treated Caroline Kennedy fairly, 52% of voters said "yes." When asked if the media treated Sarah Palin fairly, only 35% of voters said "yes." Even 41% of Democrats felt Palin had been unfairly treated by the liberal media.

When voters were asked if they were "comfortable" or "concerned" about the proposed "changes" Barack Obama says he wants to make, voters were split, with 49% saying they were "comfortable" and 41% saying they were "concerned." Not exactly a mandate for change.

When [voters were] asked what they felt was the most effective way to improve the economy – individual/business spending vs. government spending – 52% of voters said individual and business spending, while just 19% said government spending. Yet, 66% of the $825 billion stimulus plan announced yesterday by Speaker Nancy Pelosi is dedicated to more government spending.

When asked how the vacancy of Barack Obama’s Illinois Senate seat should have been resolved, 60% of voters, including 54% of Democrats, said it should have been filled by a special election. But yesterday Senate Democrats seated Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s handpicked successor, Roland Burris. Only 25% of voters said Gov. Blagojevich should have been allowed to make the appointment.

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