Friday, January 23, 2009


Your House Speaker at work

You know, this picture of Tenn. House Speaker Kent Williams - from today's Tennessean - says it all:

Former House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh is looking over Williams' shoulder in that pic, just like in real life!

Here're some more 'bout our new House Speaker ...

Today, Williams announced that all but two House committees would be evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. A bill cannot advance to the House floor unless it's been passed out of a committee by a majority vote (a bill is essentially dead if receives a tie-vote). Talk about a recipe for gridlock.

Williams has already stated that he will use his "power" to temporarily sit on committees and cast tie-breaking votes sparingly. However, he didn't promise that House Speaker Pro Tempore, Lois DeBerry, would exercise her vote-on-any-committee power sparingly. DeBerry is an abortion-loving, anti-gun, statist who no self-respecting Republican would ever dispatch to be the deciding vote on any committee. Whether or not Williams keeps DeBerry on a short leash -- and that's a political, not a racial, metaphor -- will go a long way toward proving whether or not he is "in [his] heart" a Republican.

Speaking of Lois DeBerry, she said this on the House floor immediately after her re-election to the office of Speaker Pro Tempore:

"When I went to bed last night, I went to bed last night as one person, and I wake up this morning as another person."

Given that DeBerry routinely murders the English language whenever she speaks on the House floor, and given that she ain't too very bright ("I wake up this morning another person" is a quote that proves both points, no Republican in his or her right mind would ever consider voting for her for a House leadership position ... like Kent Williams did.

Finally, have you noticed that Kent Williams often refers to himself in the third-person? To wit:

"I think the state of Tennessee is going to see that Kent Williams is here to govern."

As far as Joltin' Django's concerned, Jotltin' Django can't wait until August 2010 ... when Kent Williams gets his ass beat in the Republican primary. And then Joltin' Django's gonna shout "Praise Be!"

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