Monday, February 09, 2009


Here we go again ...

I came across a recent copy of Country Weekly magazine in my doctor's waiting room. Inside I found a short blurb -- a cheerleading short blurb -- about Tim McGraw wanting to run for governor of Tennessee. I discussed this issue back in December. It needs repeating:

Regular Creeder Readers will recall that I have absolutely no use for Tennessean columnist Gail Kerr. Remember?

Yesterday, Ms. Kerr penned a column in which she discussed how country music superstar Tim McGraw is currently thinking about throwing the cowboy hat that covers his plugs into the 2010 Tennessee gubernatorial ring (as a Democrat).

Since she didn't dismiss McGraw's delusion of political grandeur, I now state for the record that I will NEVER read another Gail Kerr column again.

Tim McGraw has apparently fancied himself a potential political figure for some many months. Back in 2006, he said he'd make a good Tennessee governor because he could "make some decisions and change some things."

Make some decisions and change some things.

That's a fountain of political wisdom right there ... that's a geyser (apologies to Carl Showalter).

BTW: In her column, Kerr equates Tim McGraw's potential run for Governor with Ronald Reagan's actual stints as governor of California and U.S. Prez. If she'd ever taken the time to read Reagan In His Own Hand, she'd know ... well, she'd know that Tim McGraw ain't no fuckin' Ronald Reagan.


While I'm on the subject of Tim McGraw, this is pretty funny:

"Tim McGraw, sir, you are going bald. It's OK. No one will judge you. You're famous already, you have a hot wife and you have a loyal fan base. The skull cap is unnecessary. Embrace it, Tim. Be one with your hairline. Everything will be OK. Stop fighting the inevitable."

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