Friday, February 13, 2009


Left-wing change we shouldn't have to believe in

Yesterday, New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg removed his name from nomination to be the next Commerce Secretary. Gregg had a couple of big bones to pick with President B. Hussein Obama, one of which was the Obama Administration's decision to move direction of the upcoming census from the Commerce Department to White House Partisan in Chief, er, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's office.

My sources tell me that members of the Congressional Black Caucus raised a stink about a Republican running the cabinet department that oversees the census, and Obama had no choice but to promise to remove it from Judd Gregg's purview. (This whole episode proves that Obama's promises to usher in a new era of bipartisan ship was complete bunk. He's only been in office three weeks, and he's given no indication that he's not going to do exactly what the left-wing of the Democratic Party wants him to do.)

That said, I want you to pretend for a moment that John McCain was elected last November. Imagine what would happen if he announced that his chief of staff would oversee the 2010 census., DailyKos, the AFL-CIO, and every other gaggle of left-wing nitwits would be howling "constitutional crisis" and "coup d’état " and God knows what else. And you know it, too.

Gary Bauer has more 'bout B'Obama's census:

Now, let me say something about the census, because it is related to Gregg’s decision not to join this administration. The media hasn’t focused on this yet, but it is a big issue you will hear a lot about in the days ahead.

One of the Commerce Department’s most important functions is to oversee the census that takes place every ten years. The census is used primarily to allocate the number of congressional representatives for each state in the House of Representatives (which determines votes in the Electoral College), and it is also used to determine the funding formulas for most federal programs that send tax dollars back to the states.

For obvious reasons, this is a highly sensitive political issue, and for that very reason this job has always been entrusted to the career civil servants in the Commerce Department. But after Gregg was announced as Commerce Secretary, the Obama team yanked the census out of the Commerce Department and decided that we should trust it to the tender mercies of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

For those of you who may not know, Rahm Emanuel is a brass-knuckles, hyper-partisan operative from, of course, Chicago. He was one of Bill Clinton’s key "fixers," and served as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2006, when many good conservatives were smeared with disgusting negative attack ads.

We were told that the census was moved from the Commerce Department because we just couldn’t trust the Republican Judd Gregg to handle it properly. Well, I don’t know anyone in Washington who questions Judd Gregg’s integrity. I think his statements above speak volumes about the man. The same cannot be said about Emanuel, and there are well-known stories about his vindictiveness that would send chills down your spine.

The decision by the Obama team to pull the census out of Commerce and give it to Rahm Emanuel is extraordinarily revealing of the hardball, partisan tactics these folks are willing to use in order to make sure our side never wins another election. If the administration does not reverse itself on the census, Republican leaders are threatening to go to court. But it’s no wonder that Judd Gregg felt like he couldn’t be a "team player" in this crowd.

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