Sunday, February 15, 2009


Money where your mouth is, literally

Two weeks ago, New York Times theatre critic-turned-political columnist Frank Rich said this 'bout the spending habits of American consumers in these tough economic times: "What are Americans still buying? Big Macs, Campbell's soup, Hershey's chocolate and Spam -- the four food groups of the apocalypse."

Fast on the heals of Rich's little commentary, a spied a talking head (I didn't catch his name) on CNBC last week who said "no one can make money in the market" right now. Well, that ain't exactly true.

As bad as I hate to admit that leftist nitwit Frank Rich made a prescient observation, he was right when he said that folks are eatin' up Big Macs, Campbell's soup, Hershey's chocolate and Spam. And according to the folks at, it ain't a bad idea to have your money in the companies that make that, er, stuff. For example:

If we take a look at the chart for McDonald's shares over the past 52 weeks, we can see that it got caught up in the sharp declines of October and November.

Since falling to those October-November lows, however, the shares have managed to fight their way back. They now are trading right at both their short-term, 50-day (blue line) and long-term, 200-day (red line) moving averages -- both key technical indicators that, if breached decisively, could mean more upside for the shares.

I've been bullish on Mickey D's stock for months now. Looks like I was right.

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