Monday, February 02, 2009


Tennessee's next Gov.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Lincoln Davis has announced that he ain't interested in being Tennessee's next governor. I must admit that I was shocked to hear such.

That means the office of governor is this man's ...

... to lose.

The man in question is U.S. Rep. Zack Wamp (R-Chattanooga). Rep. Wamp proudly signed the Contract With America as a candidate in 1994, and that makes him more-than-OK as far as I'm concerned. In addition, he is a confirmed fiscal conservative who bucked the GOP at many turns prior to the Age of Pelosi. A Gov. who's fiscally conservative ... that's what Tennesseans will be pining for come 2011. (Oh, and he'll be just the Gov. to kick Gary Odom in his over-active nuts. Indeed!)

Folks, I guess what I'm trying to say -- nay, what I AM saying -- is this:

U.S. Representative Zack Wamp has my full support as he seeks to become Tennessee's 49th Governor.

So there.

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