Saturday, February 28, 2009


What's Happening To Us?

Please welcome guest blogger Gene K, from Franlin, TN:

Question: Where is the integrity in politics? Answer: There is none! It's nowhere to be found! Every politician operates under the mantra of "what can I do for me today?" They're not interested in the average Joe/Jill, but they talk a good game. The reality is they primarily focus on themselves and their re-election. Witness the recent fiasco in the Tennessee House of Representatives-- Witness the ongoing fiasco of the deposed governor of Illinois -- Witness the current fiasco in the U.S. Congress and the "stimulus" bill -- Witness the tax evaders being considered for federal cabinet appointments.

Republicans, under the guise of conservatism in the Bush years, spent money like it grew on trees. The result was an explosion in our national debt. We thought that was really bad and it was. However, now we have a new administration that offered "change" and, boy, do we have change! This "change" has caused our really bad situation to move into the terrible category, heading toward catastrophe. Do we really know or care what these politicians are doing to us? 

Greed, a lack of integrity, apathy, and a "what can the government do for me" attitude have poisoned our country. When will our naive population open their eyes and see what is really happening to us? A friend once told me that people truly believe "if the six-pack is cold and reality television is playing, life is good!"  

Folks, if that's where we are now, don't be surprised if we wakeup some day and don't recognize our country. I'm already there!! 

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