Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'm giddy!

As regular Creeder Readers already know, I'm a confirmed opera buff. Today, Das Rheingold, the first and the shortest opera in Wagner's "Ring cycle" will be broadcast on National Public Radio, live from the Metropolitan Opera.

Even though I'm severely hung-over -- I received a bad report from my doctor yesterday -- I'll be glued to my radio as soon as soon as today's curtain rises in total darkness (Wagner fans undertand).

The prelude to Il Barbiere de Sevilla has always been my favorite Operatic beginning, if you will. However, the E-flat opening of Das Rheingold gives me quite a stir, and it will forever remain my second-favorite prelude (close second at that). So there.

Click here (at 12 p.m., CDT) if'n you wanna hear my second-favorite opera.

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