Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Please, help save it ...

Five months ago, I posted an open letter in which I told Mayor Dean, each at-large Metro Council member, and Councilman Phil Claiborne 'bout the "crumbling" plight of a Nashville landmark, Mt. Olivet Cemetary's 125-year-old chapel. My open letter included several disturbing pictures.

Councilman-at-Large Tygard quickly contacted me to inquire if I knew who "owned" Mt. Olivet Cemetary. I just-as-quickly sent him a reply ... and, well, I never heard from Councilman Tygard again.

I just came back from Mt. Olivet Cemetary, and the situation there is even more disturbing than it was last Fall. Not only've more windows been busted out of the chapel ...

... it's been tagged with graffiti as well:

I fear that I'm going to drive through Mt. Olivet one of these days and see that the circa-1870s chapel has been burned to the ground. Lest you think I'm being overly dramatic, check out this pic of a graveside canopy that was was recently burned in the shadow of the Mt. Olivet chapel:

Back in September, I peppered Mt. Olivet's management with e-mails regarding the upkeep of the old chapel; but none of my e-mails were returned. I even mentioned that my peppering questions were being copied-to elected officials ... again, no dice.

Now that I've expanded the scope of my "alert," here's hoping that the folks who own Mt. Olivet are going to get "official" fires lit under their collective asses. Stoke the fire by contacting 'em here:

Stewart Enterprises, Inc.
1333 S. Clearview Parkway
Jefferson, LA 70121

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