Sunday, March 08, 2009


Re: Whole-wheat Obama (fulla a whole lotta you-know-what)

Some silly sombitch has created a portrait of President Obama made outta pieces o' breakfast cereal. The cereal portrait comes on the heels of all kinds of professional and piddling crap which praises one B. Hussein Obama not as a president but as a saint. To wit:

I've not shed visible tears in 15+ years; but I'm tempted to, each time I consider that America is suffering under a radical left-wing President who's demonstrated that he's not up to the job to which he was - gasp! - elected.

And each time some hair-head makes an Obama presidential portrait outta pasta, or who writes a pro-Obama song so syrupy Pat Boone would blush, well, I get sick to my stomach. And I ask myself, "Do we need to pass a law to make it a crime for anyone who don't know the first ****in' thing 'bout basic economics to vote?" I just as quickly answer myself in the affirmative ...

God help us all.

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