Thursday, April 23, 2009


What's the matter with Thomas Franks?

Pity poor Thomas Franks. The ink on his latest lemme-copy-and-paste-some-left-wing-talking-points screed was barely dry today when his, ahem, argument was dispatched faster than a SEAL can dispatch a bobbing pirate.

In yesterday's Wall Street Journal, Franks laments the failure of "card check," aka the Employee Free Choice Act. (EFCA, you'll recall, is the attempt by Big Labor to allow workers to organize by signing cards instead of holding secret-ballot elections.) What he didn't mention was anything like this -- which shows what kind of fraud would happen (on a grand, grand scale) if card check ever became the law of the land:

"One of the more objectionable features of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is the card check feature wherein a union can simply gather publicly signed cards by employees agreeing to become unionized, thereby eliminating the secret vote for the workers. Opponents say this process is ripe for union abuse leaving workers open to any sort of intimidation and quashing their vote of conscience.

"If any more evidence of how corrupt the card check system could be were needed, one need only look at a recent union organizer in Ohio to see the abuse that will happen with card check.

"An Ohio union organizer has been fired after he was caught forging documents to deduct money from public employees’ wages to pay for political activity, the Service Employees International Union said yesterday.

"The organizer, whom Williams declined to identify, had forged about 40 'PAC cards,' which are documents that allow the union to deduct about $14 per month from employee wages to pay for the union’s political activity.

"If union bosses are so readily prone to forging these donor cards, what will they do when it comes time to use similar signed cards to get their foot in the door of a business in which they have not previously been able to gain access?

"If union chiefs and organizers have in their control all the signed cards to present to the employer to “prove” that 50% + 1 of the employees wanted the union to come in, how does anyone know that the employees really signed any of those cards?

"This is the sort of mess we are asking for as a nation if the EFCA passes."

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