Thursday, May 14, 2009


Joe Biden: Math-magician

Speaking on President B. Hussein Obama's "stimulus" plan, Vice President Joe Biden recently said this:

I think that what you’re going to see happen here is the velocity of this [stimulus spending] will increase not just arithmetically, but geometrically here. At least, we’ve got to make that happen.


I work with numbers -- lots and lots of algebraic numbers -- each day, and, thus, it gives me great pause to hear an important government official butcher basic math when discussing U.S. fiscal policy!!

It's bad enough that Joe Biden is a confirmed Keynesian Sucker ("velocity," etc.); but it's now clear that he doesn't know the difference between arithmetic and geometry, or linear and exponential data.

And left-wingers and Commies dared call Dan Quayle "dumb" ...!

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