Monday, May 18, 2009


Outlying ...

Not three days ago, I was in a local grocery store when I spied a Time magazine which featured a cover that more or less pronounced the GOP dead.

Well ... Time sorta jumped the gun. To wit:

We've been hearing a great deal about how the troubles of the GOP have reduced the party to a mere one in five voters.

Eh, maybe not, Gallup reports. They asked, "In politics, as of today, do you consider yourself a Republican, a Democrat, or an independent? (Asked of independents: As of today, do you lean more to the Democratic Party or the Republican Party?)"

Their most recent poll, conducted May 7–10, splits 32 percent for each party, with 34 percent for independents. When they press the independents for which party they lean towards, it comes out to another split, this time 45 percent for each. In early April it had been 53 percent for Democrats, 34 percent for Republicans.

An outlier? Or was this spring the peak of a trend?

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