Monday, May 18, 2009


VP Joe Biden: Bigmouth, Idiot

To borrow a line from Andy Griffith, VP Joe Biden is worth more, comical-wise, than a barrel full o' monkeys (from the Campaign for Working Families PAC) ...

He has done it again. Vice President Joe Biden has added yet another verbal foul-up to a long list of gaffes, embarrassments and slip-ups. The problem is that this one is more than just silly or stupid. In fact it has implications on national security. The story comes to us from Eleanor Cliff, a liberal and contributing editor for Newsweek magazine. She reports that a few weeks ago at the annual Gridiron dinner, an annual event that brings together media and political elites, VP Biden told his dinner mates the exact locations of the secret bunker that Vice Presidents are taken to in a national emergency. As a result, he has put himself and every future Vice President at higher risk.

You will recall that the Vice President was selected by Barack Obama to be his running mate because the President concluded that Biden had gravitas plus the knowledge of foreign policy that Obama did not have. During the campaign Biden made so many gaffes that he was "demoted" on the campaign trail. Since the new administration has taken office, Biden has provided consistent verbal entertainment. Now he is entering buffoon territory.

I've already predicted that Joe Biden will go the way of Nelson Rockefeller in 2012.

I'll bet there ain't many liberals out there who'd be willing to put their stimulus check(s) up 'gainst a check from my checkbook that Biden's destined to be the Democrats' answer to Dan Quayle.

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