Wednesday, June 10, 2009


"Greatly exaggerated" ...

There's not a mainstream media outlet that's not yet announced the impending "death" of the GOP. Wait, I should've said: There's not a mainstream media outlet that's not yet gleefully announced the impending "death" of the GOP.

Not so fast ...

New Jersey Governor John Corzine is toast come November. The GOP also has a better than even chance of putting its own in the Virginia governor's mansion come November. (Déjà vu - circa 1993 -- all over again?!)

And then there's this ...

It’s not just the Senate races, however. The National Republican Congressional Committee has announced sought-after candidates early and often. These include Martha Roby (Alabama’s 2nd District), Van Tran (California 47th), Charles Djou (Hawaii 1st), Vaughn Ward (Idaho 1st), not to mention rematches in two races that would allow Republicans to recapture seats lost in 2008; Andy Harris vs. Freshman Rep. Frank Kratovil (Maryland 1st) and former Rep. Steve Chabot facing the man who defeated him, Rep. Steve Driehaus (Ohio 1st).

Nearly every day, either the NRSC or NRCC touts another Republican recruiting success or taunts another Democrat recruiting failure. Their Democratic counterparts, on the other hand, have had very little to say on the topic.

And with good reason—with the exception Tim Griffin declining to run in Arkansas and Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning’s antagonizing of his party leadership, it’s difficult to think of a prominent race where Democrats have outperformed Republican candidate recruitment.

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