Thursday, June 11, 2009



I had a meeting with a business partner in a South Nashville McDonald's this evening. Whilst we were meeting, a TV tuned to CNN featured talking heads who were pontificating on the shooting at D.C.'s Holocaust museum yesterday. The headline at the bottom of the screen said this: "White Supremacist Shooting."

The mainstream media is doing its level best to portray the nutjob -- a Mr. James W. von Brunn, and I hesitate to call him "Mister" -- who shed blood on a D.C. street yesterday as a red-state redneck. Oh, and DailyKos' chief DailyDipshit, who's an unofficial offical mouthpiece of the Democrat Party, has Twittered many times 'bout how the shooter is a "right-winger."

Well, it turns out that James W. von Brunn hates Christians and hates George W. Bush. He's also a 9-11 Truther. Oh, and he had the address for the conservative Weekly Standard, whose founding/current editor is Jewish, in his pocket.

In recent years, virulent anti-Semitism has been a product of the Left (see President B. Hussein Obama's former pastor's recent rant 'bout "them Jews.") The actions of one James W. von Brunn confirm such ... the efforts of the mainstream media, and the Democrat Party, notwithstanding.

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