Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Bad news for Barry

From the Campaign for Working Families PAC:

On Monday, the Washington Post reported that President Obama’s support on key issues, including health care, was collapsing. Among Independents, Obama was running a five-point deficit on his handling of health care, with 44% approving and 49% disapproving.

Now another major "mainstream" polling firm is reporting similar numbers. According to polling by the Gallup Organization, 50% of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s handling of healthcare policy, while 44% approve. Among Independents, Gallup found that 55% disapproved and only 40% approved. And going down the line of major domestic issues, the picture doesn’t get any better for the man in the White House.

On the economy, 49% disapprove, 47% approve.

On taxes, 48% disapprove, 45% approve.

On the federal budget deficit, 55% disapprove, 41% approve.

Barry -- er, President B. Hussein Obama -- is in a peck o' trouble right now. If'n he don't abandon this "progressive" left-wing crusade he seems to've been mounting since he took office, he's going to have a bad night in November 2010 ... and he's going to find his girly-armed ass out of a job come January 2013.

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