Monday, July 20, 2009


Worst Prez ever (and he can't keep his damn stupid mouth shut)

Former-Prez Jimmy Carter -- he of gas lines, charred helicopters in the Iranian desert, "malaise," double-digit inflation, the Misery Index, Soviet encroachment across the globe (Afghanistan, Angola, Nicaragua, etc.), scandals involving trusted aide Bert Lance and brother Billy Carter -- has made an ass of himself by announcing, in a very public fashion, that he left the Southern Baptist Church because said church is "cruel" to women, mainly 'cause it won't ordain female pastors.

For the record, I am fully in favor of women serving in leadership positions in the Christian church. I take that position not only as a member of the United Methodist Church who's worshiped in churches with female pastors, but also as someone who, whilst building my 320-plus volume theological library, recently "discovered" evidence that female deacons were executed during Rome's post-crucifixion Christian persecution.

I could go on and on about how the Southern Baptists - as well as the Church of Christ, the Catholics and members of the Orthodox church - are wrong on the role of women in the Church. I could, but that is a subject for another day. Just know ...

Jimmy Carter says he don't like the Southern Baptist Church 'cause it don't have female pastors and it has this doctrine 'bout how wives should "submit to the authority" to their husbands (even though only about 10 percent of U.S. marriages have husbands who are in submission to their wives).

All that said, ain't Jimmy Carter an apologist for "Palestinians" living in the West Bank and Gaza? You know ... the same Palestinians who have no problem with honor killings; who insist on females being covered from head to toe (lest they temp their virtuous male compatriots); and who stone females to death as "whores" after they've been raped.

Think about all that ...

Jimmy Carter: he was a joke president, and he's an ever bigger joke former-president. Indeed.

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