Saturday, July 11, 2009


It was bound to happen ...

It was bound to happen. I mean, what goes up must come down, right?! What the **** am I talkin' about you ask? President B. Hussein Obama's poll numbers, of course.

Rasmussen now has Obama's Presidential Approval Index at minus-7 ...

Rasmussen also has Republicans leading Democrats on the generic Congressional ballot for the first time in a long time. Oh, and then there's the recent Quinnipiac poll which revealed that Obama's approval rating in "swing-state" Ohio currently sits at 49 percent ... down from 62 percent in May. Ohio voters, by a 48 to 46 percent margin, disapprove of the way President Obama is handling the economy.

Obama doesn't have to face the electorate until 2012. His Congressional allies aren't so lucky. Indeed, the 2010 midterm elections will be cranking into high gear 'bout one year from now. Polls and approval "ratings" aside, here's what you need to know ...

The unemployment rate now sits at 9.7 percent. In a rare fit of candor, the Obama Administration recently admitted that the unemployment rate may top 10 percent this year. Warren Buffet, the supposed financial guru who supported Barry Obama in 2008, predicts 11 percent unemployment by year's end.

That said, if the unemployment rate is hovering in the 10 or 11 percent range next October and November, there'll be a great many Congressional Democrats who'll be looking for new work.

Let's talk about all that in sixteen months, shall we ...?!

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