Friday, July 24, 2009


Post-partisan Prez? Yeah, right ...

Remember all that "post-partisan" shit you heard 'bout B. Hussein Obama back in 2008? Well, the 2009 B. Hussein Obama is anything BUT post-partisan.

First, there was the political firing of a U.S. Inspector General who pinched one of Obama's biggest supporters; and then, the head of the Congressional Budget Office, a Democrat, was summoned to the White House for a "Come to Jesus," er "Allah," meeting 'cause he dared to admit that Obama's health-care schemes will bust the federal budget.

Barry Obama just might be the most partisan president off all time. He may've campaigned as a "hopeandchange" moderate, but that ain't what he is. Oh, no.

President Barry dropped his domestic agenda into the laps of far-left Congressional committee chairs (see Stimulus, Cap 'n' Trade, ObamaCare, etc.); he basically nationalized two-thirds of America's domestic auto industry; he fired folks who dared to "put" sunshine on his administration's failures, and he's been putting the screws to members of his own party 'cause they won't blindly support his socialistic health-care schemes.

Just so you know, the Democratic National Committee is running television ads in the districts of Democrats who've expressed doubts about ObamaCare. As much as President Obama likes to blame the GOP for standing athwart his domestic agenda, it's conservative Democrats -- particularly conservative Dems in the U.S. House -- who're proving to be his most worthy adversaries.

Barry Obama likes to blame all of his troubles on the GOP. If he weren't such a hack-Chicago Democrat, perhaps he could see that his political future lies less in his listening to the likes of Barbara Lee, and more in his trying to "do good" by the likes of Lincoln Davis.

All that said, let's just agree to agree that our current President of the U.S.A. is a collectivist/statist. I dare you to tell me I'm wrong ...

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