Friday, July 31, 2009


Quote of the day

Charles Krauthammer, talking 'bout the "Beer Summit," on Fox News last night:

I know all of us are supposed to get into the spirit of levity and good humor, but I'm afraid I can't.

This is a typical Obama. He commits an offense against the public good—he imputes racism where there was none—and then he declares it a teachable moment in which he will instruct us on tolerance, understanding, and brotherhood.

Now, he did this before. He does it over and over again. He's found in bed last year after 20 years with a raving racist. (We had known he had been in the church of Jeremiah Wright, but we didn't know about his racism until the middle of the campaign.) And what is Obama's response? He gives a speech on race, another teachable moment, in which he ascribes racism to everyone—white working class, African-Americans, Jeremiah Wright, his own grandmother—except himself. And he stands there hovering above it all, teaching us the ways of tolerance and brotherhood.

Look, he may be a great president or a lousy one, but when he acts in this way, when he stands above the fray in a patronizing and condescending way, instructing us on the ways of the world, I find him insufferable.

"Insufferable," indeed ...!!!

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