Saturday, July 11, 2009


To borrow a line from Frank Costanza, I'm back, baby!

For various reasons -- I was out of town, I was sick, my Dad was really sick, I was a little burned out, I had lots o' books I needed to read -- The Nigh Seen Creeder has been a bit of a ghost town. That's all over now ... I'm officially baaaaaaack in the saddle again (channeling classic Aerosmith). Oh, and thanks to all those who sent thoughtful "Where are you?" e-mails.

Here's the deal: there're about 150 comments needing approval in my comment "box." I'm going to dump them all, except for those that make me say, "Wow, that was clever!" That's probably, like, eight or ten, so I apologize in advance if you get one of your backed-up comments rejected.

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