Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Up'n Jersey

Back in 1993, a good deal of Bill Clinton's luster was knocked off when a Republican upstart knocked off an incumbent Democrat guv in Dem-leaning New Jersey. Fast forward to 2009 ...

New Jersey no longer leans Democrat, it's a Democrat bastion Indeed, B. Hussein Obama got 57 percent to John McCain's 42 percent the Garden State in 2008. The state also has two liberal U.S. Senators -- one of whom owes his election to the law-ignorin' machinations of his state's liberal supreme court.

The Garden state might be full o' left-wing nuts, but it stands poised to do this year what it did in '93: Send a message to a flailing Democratic prez by turning an incompetent Democratic gov'na out of office.

Just so you know, Republican Chris Christie has a 53-38 lead over Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine right now. Corzine's been pounding Christie with negative ads the past few weeks, but it ain't moved his poll numbers none. Meanwhile, independent voters are falling into line behind Christie.

Again, President B. Hussein Obama and his loyal band of Obamaniacs have to be watching what's happening in New Jersey and wiping sweat from their collective brows. If they ain't, they're in more trouble than they realize ... indeed.

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