Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ya'll come!

Y'all come (Y'all come!)
Y'all come (Y'all come!)
You all come to see us when you can
Y'all come (Y'all come!)
Y'all come (Y'all come!)
Oh, you all come to see us now and then

-- Porter Wagoner

J. William Anderson, formerly of Mahwah, New Jersey, said this in the July 2 Wall Street Journal ...

Regarding your editorial "The Albany-Trenton-Sacramento Disease" (June 26): You're right on. The liberal, progressive policies of California, New York and New Jersey are spelling ruin for these states, and what is worse, the pols in each state still do not get it. They intend to keep piling on.

The Anderson family is very pleased to announce that as of July 8 we are getting the heck out of Dodge (a.k.a. New Jersey) and heading to a more tax-friendly environment, Tennessee. I am proud to say that I am part of that 1% to 2% that you mention, and I no longer intend on handing over hard-earned money. Contrary to published reports, no one handed me, or most of us, anything. We earned it.

There are many more like me, but the pols still don't get it because ego, power and self-preservation are their main concerns.

The so-called rich have about had it. In the end, state governments are only harming the constituents they so loudly profess to love dearly.

It's no secret why the Yankees like the Anderson family are moving to Southern states like Tennessee: Tennessee routinely votes Republican, thus we have low taxes AND low unemployment. Kevin Hassett told us 'bout it in the June 22, 2009, National Review:

Yale economist Ray Fair has studied the impact of the economy on presidential elections and found that bad economies tend to hurt incumbent parties. Republicans, still smarting from the wounds of last November, know exactly how that process works. Democrats successfully convinced voters that President Bush and his party were to blame for our economic collapse.

Bush certainly deserves some of the blame, but there is plenty to go around. One of the ironies of the last election cycle, in which so much of the map went blue, is that the states that have done the most to hurl the nation into recession have been blue historically. The nearby chart adds intriguing “color” to that observation.

The chart plots the average unemployment rate in April for different categories of blue and red states. The first bar gives the average unemployment rate in April for “reliably” Democratic states, defined as those that have voted for the Democratic candidate in every presidential election since the 1980s. The average unemployment rate in these states was a whopping 9 percent. The remaining bars show that unemployment is less severe in states that only recently began taking Democratic medicine.

The next three bars tell a strikingly different story. The first red bar shows the average for states that switched to the Republican side in the 2000s. Unemployment in these states is a tad below the national average.

The second red bar shows the average unemployment rate in states that switched to red in the 1990s. Unemployment in these states is now well below the national average. The third red bar shows the average for states that have voted for the Republican presidential candidate in every election since the 1980s. Think of these as the “super reliable” red states. The average unemployment rate in these states stood at only 6.7 percent.

States that are traditionally Republican have avoided the worst of this recession. The longer a state has been taking Republican medicine, the better off it is. The contrast between the two patterns could hardly be more noticeable. If Republican policies have been vitamins, Democratic policies have been poison.

The economic data suggest that Democratic policies effectively spread human misery. President Obama now has the political power to do for the nation what Democrats have done to California.

The only consolation is that Professor Fair’s model will quite reliably predict political and policy reversals as the economic misery spreads across our nation.

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