Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Bad news for Barry

From the Campaign for Working Families PAC:

Beyond the anecdotal evidence, numerous polls prove ObamaCare is not popular. ... Yesterday, pollster Scott Rasmussen released a new survey of likely voters. Here are the key findings:

42% of likely voters support the congressional healthcare reform plan; 53% oppose it. Those figures represent a 16-point swing in the past two weeks against the bill.

The intensity of opposition to the bill is twice as strong as the intensity of support for it: 44% of voters strongly oppose the bill, while just 26% strongly support it.

Now get this: 62% of independent voters oppose the congressional healthcare reform bill and 51% strongly oppose it! Among senior citizens, 46% are strongly opposed.

51% of voters believe that the quality of healthcare will get worse if this bill passes (26% think quality will improve), and 51% of voters also believe that costs will go up if this bill passes. Only 19% believe Obama’s argument that a thousand-page, trillion-dollar “reform” bill, full of government mandates, will make costs go down.

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