Monday, August 03, 2009


"On health care ..."

Do you remember the "On health care …" commercial B. Hussein Obama’s campaign ran during last year’s presidential election? If you were anywhere near a TV during October you certainly should. Hell, it seemed to run every hour on the hour.

The gist of Obama’s health care commercial was this: on health care, some folks want to do nothing [see John McCain – which was a flat-out lie, by the way]; some folks would like to see the United States implement a socialized, single-payer system; and then there’s Obama, who wants to split the difference, letting people keep private insurance if they’re happy with it and setting up some kind of moderate guv’ment scheme to assist those who can’t – or won’t – purchase their own insurance.

It was a pretty effective commercial, I’ll admit. And since most folks didn’t know a lot about B. been-in-the-Senate-just-two-years Obama at the time, he was able to define himself on his own terms. The mainstream media, thoroughly in Obama’s hip pocket, allowed him to do it, too, letting him say things that discerning souls like myself knew to be patently untrue.

Now that speeches are being uncovered which show that Obama is much more radical on health care reform than he let on last year, that “On health care …” commercial should be remembered as one of the most disingenuous political ads of all time (right up there with LBJ’s infamous “daisy” ad).

Let's see Barry talk, er TelePrompter, his way outta this ...

UPDATE: The White House sent out some flunkies today to say that Obama was taken out of context in the video above. Unfortunately for the Obamaniacs, there're more videos in which ... well, you'll see:

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