Thursday, August 06, 2009


Happy Birthday to moi

If they were me, and I was you
Would you have liked a present too?

-- Altered Images, "Happy Birthday"

This blog recently celebrated its third birthday. (One week from today, I'll be celebrating my birthday with a select coterie of friends and family.) Please to enjoy this The Nigh Seen Creeder post from August 2006 ...

Quote of the day

"I want [Junior] to go there so bad, not because [Junior] is a hardcore Democrat, but because [Junior] is a hardcore thinker."

-- President Bill Clinton heaping praise on U.S. Senate candidate Harold Ford, Jr., aka Junior, in Nashville on August 3

During the effusive roar that erupted when ol' Bill uncorked this praising praise, if you will, several witnesses on the scene claimed the former president said "hardcore" yet a third time ... and qualified his statement by name-checking Nashville's Metro News, the "world's largest adult bookstore."

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