Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Le déluge commence

Very interesting ...

Roughly one month ago Delaware State Senator (Senator President Pro Tem as well) Thurman Adams (D) died at the age of 80 from a bout with pancreatic cancer. There was a special election yesterday and the two front runners were Joe Booth (R) and Polly Adams Mervine (D and daughter of the late Senator Thurman Adams). Polly had two major things going for her:

1) she is a Democrat; and

2) she is the daughter of Thurman.

Legacy politics is the political way of life in Delaware. Beau Biden won the AG's spot because of his last name... nothing else.

Nevertheless Joe Booth won, taking a seat that was held by the Democratic Party for roughly 40 years in a state where the Democrats rule the House, Senate, and the Governor's office.

What is most remarkable about the win was the margin. Joe garnered over 60% of the vote in a heavy Democrat area and trounced Adams Mervine by 30 points. ...

That happened despite Polly Adams Mervine raising over 2 times the money. Joe raised about $20,000 while Polly raised over $52,000. I am not a political expert but I don’t think that happens all too often. More food for thought.

If Democrats are having trouble in Delaware, what does that say about their chances in swing-states next year?

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