Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Middle class ... whatcha gonna do when Obama comes for you?

Deficits are up. Tax Revenues are way down. And the Democratic Party has a spendin' wish-list that'd make Santa Claus blush. Over the weekend, the Obama Administration floated a middle-class-tax-hike trial balloon. An uproar ensued and the White House today let the air out of said balloon (notice I didn't say "popped").

Let's be honest, there ain't no way in hell that Obama and his yes-men and yes-women in Congress can pay for all of the shit they've proposed without burdening middle-class workers with new taxes. All anyone who thinks otherwise needs to do is read The Road to Serfdom, Capitalism and Freedom, or The Way the World Works to see the error of their ways.

That said, the Wall Street Journal's been wise to Obama and the Dems for many, many months, and they tell us 'bout their machinations here. A sample:

Democrats already plan to repeal the Bush tax cuts, but that won’t raise enough money. So they’re proposing an income tax surcharge on "the wealthy," but that won’t raise enough either. Democrats have no choice but to soak the middle class because only they have enough money to finance the liberal dream of yoking the middle class to cradle-to-grave government entitlements. ...

The undeniable reality is that you can’t run a European-style welfare-entitlement state without European-style levels of taxation on the middle class (and eventually without low European-style growth and high jobless rates). It’s looking more and more like Mr. Obama’s no-middle-class-tax pledge was one of the greatest confidence tricks in American political history.

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