Saturday, August 01, 2009


That little Bob o' Mine ...

National Review's Rich Lowry has this to say 'bout Senator Bob Corker:

Just checked in by phone with Sen. Bob Corker, the impressive Republican freshman from Tennessee, to see what he's making of the latest on health care and cap-and-trade ...

Corker says President Obama recently met with him, something he appreciates. But Corker doesn't think Obama "has his feet on the ground with regard to what appropriate health reform is." He adds, "And he personalizes everything, it's all, 'I, I, I.'" Corker suspects that for Obama "doing this with some massive bill is about politics ... To him, it's about a political victory, not about doing what's in the long-term interest of citizens."

I endorsed Mayor Corker back in 2005 -- my car still bears the scar from Corker's distinctive red-white-and-blue bumper strips. Talk about being très impressive in retrospect.

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