Monday, September 21, 2009


Believe me, this is not parody ...

Back in the late 90s, I received monthly fundraising letters from the National Conference of Christians and Jews. Included with many of the letters were small posters depicting a black and white child in an adorable embrace with the slogan, "No one is born a racist."

I couldn't help but think about those letters when I spied the September 14 Newsweek in my doctor's office. Here's the cover:

In the course of the article, a University of Texas resarcher is quoted as saying that white babies (natch) show racist tendencies as young as 6-months-old ... yes, 6-months-old!

I encourage you to read the article. Almost from word one it's apparent that the U. of Texas "study" was designed to prove that white people are inherently racist; thus, it was less a honest study 'bout race than it was an overt political endeavor. And Newsweek's editors not only answered their own question when they approved that cover, they showed their true political colors (no pun intended).

If a study at the University of Wherever determined that Middle Eastern children - or children in Dearborn, Michigan - displayed anti-Semitic tendencies before they celebrated their first birthday, do you think Newsweek would talk 'bout it on the cover? Give that some thought before you answer ...

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