Wednesday, September 09, 2009


The green, green grass o' hypocrites

Albert Gore, Jr. and Charles, Prince of Wales regularly lecture we ordinary folk that we're going to have to do more with less, all in name of saving the earth from the scourge of "global warming."

If Gore and Prince Charles were as wedded to the global-warming cause as they claim, they'd not only be livin' in tepees on publicly-owned land, they'd also eat nothing but dirt for sustenance, and use nothing but bicycles (or unicycles) for personal conveyance. They won't, of course, and that exposes them as first-degree hypocrites.

That said, the dirty little secret 'bout Al Gore and others like him is the fact that he's living like an electricity-burning king whilst preaching that the world is burning up around him, er, us. Gore instructs ordinary folk to drive impractical two-seat "bubble" cars, use dim-light light bulbs, and foreswear air-conditioning during the dog days o' summer, yet he owns several palatial homes, travels by private jets, and burns Watts like nobody's business. And he's getting rich in the meantime ... here's where the "hypocrite" comes in:

The American Conservative expertly exposed Al Gore's Green-Industrial wallet-filling crusade here ...

Gore is also chairman of a green investment firm called Generation Investment Management, which is a member of the Copenhagen Climate Council, an international collaboration of businesses and science bodies that promotes climate-change mitigation strategies and invests in companies that are environmentally friendly—including firms that produce renewable energy and low-carbon technology. So Gore uses one of his multimillion-dollar organizations—the Alliance for Climate Protection—to put pressure on government to promote the low-carbon lifestyle, which furnishes one of his other multimillion-dollar organizations—General Investment Management—with booming business.

With that, I dare anyone to tell me that Al Gore's "The Earth Has A Fever" crusade is anything but a plan for personal enrichment.

Go ahead, I dare you.

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