Friday, September 25, 2009


Know what grinds my gears?

Tennessee's "native son" Al Gore is now officially sucking -- big time -- at the federal government's teat. His teat-sucking should make taxpayers everywhere very, very mad. To wit:

What’s the most laughably outlandish angle of this story?

That the U.S. Government is loaning Nobel laureate Al Gore and investment bank Kleiner Perkins $529 million to build a car, and -

It’s a hybrid electric sports model, and -

It will cost $89,000 a copy, and -

It will be made in Finland.


Didn't the UAW endorse Al "Big Daddy" Gore back in '00 'cause he, supposedly, was gonna protect U.S. auto-makin' jobs? How are said jobs protected when the U.S. is subsidizing car-makin' in Finland?

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