Thursday, September 10, 2009



Last night, the President of the United States addressed the whole of Congress to pitch his "health insurance reform" plan ... and he fuckin' lied through his teeth on at least four occasions. To wit:

President B. Hussein said his opposition - chiefly Congressional Republicans - has no "plan" for health care, er, health insurance reform. In reality, the GOP has introduced dozens of bills in the U.S. House and Senate, with House Resolution 3200 being the most comprehensive of the lot, advocating a free-market health care system in the United States. Lie One.

President B. Hussein Obama said illegal aliens would be ineligible for health care benefits under the current Democratic plan. In reality, the non-partisan Congressional Research Service said nothing in the current Democrat bill would prohibit illegals from receiving benefits, and, more importantly, House Democrats -- on two separate occasions -- defeated Republican-sponsored amendments that would've denied illegals from receiving ObamaCare benefits in perpetuity. Lie Two.

In his speech, Obama referred to an Illinois man who "lost" his private health coverage during chemotherapy and "died because of it." In reality, the man in question -- at the behest of the Illinois Attorney General, mind you -- was approved for an experimental stem-cell transplant following his private health care "turn-down," and he lived for three additional years. Lie Three.

Lest you think I'm being too specific, last night's lies and all, just type "lie" and "Obama" in this blog's search engine for more expamples of St. Obama doing what he does best.

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