Thursday, September 17, 2009


Questions for ObamaCare-aniacs

If ObamaCare is designed to "save money," how come it imposes new fees of $6 billion a year on health insurance providers, $4 billion on medical device makers, and $750 million on clinical laboratories?

Last Wednesday, President Obama claimed illegals wouldn't never get ObamaCare (we all know what happened after he said such). Last Friday, however, the Obama Administration endorsed an "enforcement mechanism" to prohibit illegals from participating in the president's health care scheme. Don't that prove Rep. Joe Wilson's point?!

Obama claims that he can fund his health care scheme by rooting out "fraud and waste" from Medicare and Medicaid. If there's enough fraud and waste occurring in Medicare and Medicaid to fund a NEW multi-billion dollar entitlement, why didn't Obama make rootin' fraud and waste out of those two programs the first order of business in his Administration, given this nation's precarious financial state?

For what good reason is Obama shunning Fox News during his upcoming love-me-love-my-socialist-scheme network news sit-downs? Is it 'cause he's afraid he'll not get his ass kissed? Is it 'cause he's afraid he'll be asked questions like, "How you gonna pay for this ****?!"

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