Friday, September 18, 2009


"The Stimulus Didn't Work"

Economists John Cogan, John B. Taylor, and Volker Wieland have some baaaaaad news for the Obamaniacs who continue to make big claims about the effectiveness of The Stimulus:

Incoming data will reveal more in coming months, but the data available so far tell us that the government transfers and rebates have not stimulated consumption at all, and that the resilience of the private sector following the fall 2008 panic -- not the fiscal stimulus program -- deserves the lion's share of the credit for the impressive growth improvement from the first to the second quarter.

Read the rest here.

While we're talking stimulus, the Republican National Senatorial Committee is holding a pretty clever contest. To wit:

When will the spending stop? This week Senate Democrats voted to continue spending stimulus money ... on road signs that advertise that they're spending stimulus money. This is tens of millions of dollars of your hard earned money that could be used for more pressing needs than Senators patting themselves on the back.

If Senate Democrats are intent on wasting your tax dollars, we figured you should have some input on what these absurd signs say. Please visit our Web site today and enter your stimulus road sign suggestions. We’ll collect them, and next week have people vote for their favorites at

My admittedly cheesy submission:

Konstruction Kourtesy of Keynesian Kool-Aid Konsumers

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