Thursday, September 24, 2009


Straight outta Cuba

Not long after Elián González was returned to Cuba -- remember that grand bit o' political theatre?! -- I remember watching a national news spot in which young Elian, who was bedecked in the regalia of the Cuban Communist Party's Young Pioneers, was featured singing Fidel Castro's praises. I couldn't help but think about that episode when I seen this video:

That, mes amis, is an example of political indoctrination, pure and simple. Fidel Castro would be proud, indeed.

If'n you disagree, think about this ...

"Equal work means equal pay" is not some feel-good slogan meant to celebrate America, or America's president. It's a political slogan not unlike what you might find on the Democratic Socialists of America's Web site.

Reckon what would've happened if a gaggle of 5-year-olds in, say, Alabama had been captured on tape singing this in 2003:

Mmm, mmm, mmm
George W. Bush
Because of what Saddam has done
The war in Iraq must be won

Mmm, mmm, mmm
George W. Bush
Our nation will never quite be free
Without private accounts in Social Security

NOTE: Did you catch the lines in the Obama-song that were borrowed from "Jesus Loves the Little Children"?! A group of kids could never get away with singing a Jesus-loving song in a public school; but change "Jesus" to "Obama," and it's ready, set, GO!

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